Garden Roses LLC was formed in 2022 by Nate Fisher to hybridize roses with a focus on their disease resistance, robust fragrance, striking colors, and distinctive bloom shapes.

Nate began his journey with roses in April 2016, starting with six varieties. His passion quickly evolved from a personal hobby to a professional pursuit, marked by the establishment of a thriving garden at his family’s residence after relocating to Lehigh Valley in 2018. This garden originally featured 31 carefully selected roses, growing over the years under Nate's attentive care.

In 2020, Nate founded the Lehigh Valley Rose Society, which now represents a good portion of the American Rose Society's membership in Pennsylvania & New Jersey. His dedication extends to sustainable gardening practices, as evidenced by the development and distribution of an all-natural, organic rose fertilizer, benefiting both local gardens and the society’s activities.

In October 2020, Nate & his family purchased a home in Allentown. Now with their own property, in the spring of 2021, the Fishers went "all in" with their garden. They removed all of the grass and planted 97 roses, as well as various bulbs, a raised vegetable garden, and pollinator-friendly perennials. 

With nearly 100 of their own roses, in 2022, Nate and Tess began exhibiting in rose shows. In 2022, the Fishers received 7 trophies, 7 best-in-class, 29 firsts, 1 gold certificate, 2 bronze certificates, 1 Queen, 1 King, 1 Princess, 1 Duchess, 32 seconds, 21 thirds, and 59 honorable mentions.

The commitment of Garden Roses LLC to the community is highlighted by Nate’s involvement in local projects, such as the revitalization of the Bethlehem Rose Garden and the creation of a new public rose garden in Upper Saucon Township’s Hopewell Park, a project that continues to develop.

Nate’s contributions to rose cultivation and his local community have been recognized widely, earning him the "Rising Star" award from the American Rose Society in 2021. His expertise in rose care and community engagement continues to enrich the local and broader gardening communities.

Nate started to develop connections with others in "the rose world." Nate's interest in rose hybridizing was sparked by meeting and talking with Will Radler (hybridizer of the "Knockout" family of roses), as well as the work of Steve Singer, Steven Roussell, Dr. Jim Sproul, Dave Bang, & David Clemons. He joined the Rose Hybridizers Association, and started to cross roses. 

In Nate's first harvest, he collected 288 rose hips containing a total of 2,464 seeds. Many of those seeds grew into seedlings, and a good number of those just survived their first winter.

At Garden Roses LLC, we are deeply rooted in our commitment to beautifying landscapes and enhancing community spaces through our passion for roses.