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The fragrance of this rose is musky, accented by subtle notes of orange blossom. Its growth pattern is casual and relaxed, characterized by lengthy, gracefully arching canes. The rose displays 25 petals and reaches a mature height of 5 feet, spreading out to a width of 3 feet.

 Color Yellow
Bloom Size Medium
Breeder [Redacted at Request of Breeder]
Zone 5 - 11
Flowering Repeat
Family English Shrub
Year of Introduction 1998
Petal Count 25
Fragrance Medium, Musk
Size 5' x 3'

This rose will be shipped own-root in a quart (5") nursery pot. By completing the checkout process on our website, you are acknowledging this as a preorder for shipment for the time frame selected (either Spring '24Fall '24, or Spring '25).

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