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'AUSmas' stands as a robust and upward-reaching climber, adorned with gracefully cupped blooms that showcase an exceptionally lush shade of yellow. The blossoms carry a subtle yet inviting Tea fragrance, accompanied by delicate hints of violets. Draped in appealing, smooth green foliage, this climber is not only visually striking but also emanates a refreshing aura in the garden. Its impressive stature reaches a height of 12 feet, providing an eye-catching vertical element to the landscape. Introduced in 1983, this climbing rose variety boasts blooms with 45 petals, further enhancing its overall charm and appeal.

 Color Deep Yellow
Bloom Size Large
Breeder [Redacted at Request of Breeder]
Zone 5 - 11
Flowering Repeat
Family English Climbing
Year of Introduction 1983
Petal Count 45
Fragrance Light, Tea
Size 12'

This rose will be shipped own-root in a quart (5") nursery pot. By completing the checkout process on our website, you are acknowledging this as a preorder for shipment for the time frame selected (either Spring '24Fall '24, or Spring '25).

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