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This robust rose variety exhibits excellent health, showcasing medium-sized blooms in a charming mid-pink hue reminiscent of the classic Old Rose style. Each of these blossoms is adorned with an impressive array of around 140 petals, and they are elegantly positioned well above the delicate foliage. The blooms carry a moderate yet distinct Old Rose scent. The rose plant itself forms a durable and resilient shrub characterized by upright, bushy, and intricately branched growth. Its typical dimensions reach approximately 4.5 feet in height and 3.5 feet in width.

 Color Mid-Pink
Bloom Size Medium
Breeder [Redacted at Request of Breeder]
Zone 4 - 11
Flowering Repeat
Family English Shrub
Year of Introduction 2001
Petal Count 140
Fragrance Medium-Strong - Old Rose
Size 4.5' x 3.5'

This rose will be shipped own-root in a quart (5") nursery pot. By completing the checkout process on our website, you are acknowledging this as a preorder for shipment in SPRING 2024.

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