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Ballerina, introduced in 1937, is a remarkably prolific rose with a modest growth pattern. Anticipate a profusion of numerous small, 2-inch pink single blooms, each adorned with a white eye, creating massive clusters that blanket the bush in blossoms. Ballerina is highly regarded by pollinators, forms lovely hips, thrives in both pots and beds, emits a delightful honey-like fragrance, and serves as an exceptional choice for cut flower arrangements. Undoubtedly, it exceeds expectations in various aspects!

 Color Pink
Bloom Size Small
Breeder Bentall
Zone 5 - 10
Flowering Repeat
Family Hybrid Musk
Year of Introduction 1937
Petal Count 5
Fragrance Light - Musk

4' x 3'

This rose will be shipped own-root in a quart (5") nursery pot. By completing the checkout process on our website, you are acknowledging this as a preorder for shipment in SPRING 2024.

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