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Mrs. B. R. Cant

Mrs. B. R. Cant

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This rose is named in honor of the esteemed rose breeder and nurseryman (Benjamin Cant)'s wife, 'Mrs. B. R. Cant'. This voluptuous, fully-petaled bloom exhibits a silvery rose hue with a contrasting dark rose reverse. The delightful and refreshing fragrance adds to its appeal. However, it's worth noting that this rosebush may need some additional space, as it can expand in all directions, with some specimens extending up to 8 feet if not pruned. 'Mrs. B. R. Cant' consistently produces flowers and serves as an excellent choice for cut flower arrangements.

 Color Medium Pink
Bloom Size Large
Breeder Cant
Zone 7 - 10
Flowering Repeat
Family Tea
Year of Introduction 1901
Petal Count 25
Fragrance Moderate - Tea

6' x 6'

This rose will be shipped own-root in a quart (5") nursery pot. By completing the checkout process on our website, you are acknowledging this as a preorder for shipment in SPRING 2024.

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