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Rose Petal Jam

Rose Petal Jam

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In fall 2023, Nate made his own rose petal jam for the first time using rose petals from Garden Roses LLC (organically grown), and was thrilled with how it turned out and how it tasted on toast. From Nate's own experience, it takes pounds and pounds of rose petals to produce even a modest amount of rose petal jam.

Determined to find a supplier so we could offer it for sale, we are happy to announce that we have found one! Rosa di Magliano produces this lovely, certified organic rose petal jam. It is sweet with floral notes - absolutely fantastic on scones paired with clotted cream, or even just on your morning toast!

Each jar is 4.06 oz (115 g) and made with just 3 ingredients - organic lemon juice, organic rose petals, and organic cane sugar. Made in Italy.

Guess what? We even know the rose cultivar used: 'Duc de Cambridge' (a damask rose bred by Jean Laffay in France before 1840). 

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