The 2022 rose seedlings are currently growing in the greenhouse.

Exciting to see the first bloom of the 2022 rose seedlings - a yellow rose with a fruity fragrance.

Prepping the growing field

We're hard at work getting 100 cubic yards of mushroom compost spread in the growing field in preparation of planting all of the parent roses and 2022 rose seedlings outside.

Once the mushroom compost is spread, we'll be installing deer fencing and an irrigation system and then it will be ready to plant.

Now Accepting Own-Root Rose Preorders

These are roses propagated from the out-of-patent parent roses in our rose hybridizing program. They will be shipping in 5" (quart) pots in spring of 2024 (or be available for local pickup in Emmaus, PA). We're currently releasing a (very) small number of each rose, but will add an additional release in January 2024 when we have a better count on availability. Please click "View All" below and check back often as we add more out-of-patent roses.