Rose Seedling (22-U006-U143-001-1)

The 2022 rose seedlings have been moved out to the field to enjoy the fresh air and sun!

Around 150 brand new rose cultivars bred by Nate - out of those, about 6 so far seem promising enough to potentially register! In the fall, they'll get planted in rows in the field like the parent roses for further observation in 2024.

The rose seedling to the right (22-U006-U143-001-1) has a very strong fragrance reminiscent of hyacinth.

Rose Field Update

100 yards of mushroom compost was spread in the field, deer fencing and landscape fabric were installed, the parent roses were planted in rows organized by rose type (hybrid tea, grandiflora, miniature, miniflora, etc.), companion plants were placed between the parent roses, driplines were installed (water is pumped from a pond on the other end of the farm into an IBC tank - from there, it's mixed with organic fertilizers and pumped through driplines in our field), a solar generator was installed, and nursery tables assembled. What started as a modest attempt of propagating our out-of-patent parent roses from our breeding program has turned into a much larger production - with Nate and farmhand Olivia taking hundreds of cuttings each week to produce more own-root roses. The roses bred by Nate were also recently moved from the greenhouse outside to enjoy the wind and sun and coming along nicely.

Now Accepting Own-Root Rose Preorders

These are roses propagated from the out-of-patent parent roses in our rose hybridizing program. They will be shipping in 5" (quart) pots in spring of 2024 (or be available for local pickup in Emmaus, PA). We anticipate a small number of additional rose varieties (such as AUScot) being available for order within the next month or so. Please click "View All" below and check back often as we add more out-of-patent roses. To add roses to an existing order, please email us.