Organically Grown!

Garden Roses LLC is located at "The Seed Farm," a non-profit farming incubator program operated by Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley (CACLV). There are multiple farmers operating on the 42-acre farm, with some operating as Certified Organic. All farmers at "The Seed Farm" are required to use only organic products in their fields and in the greenhouses. Garden Roses LLC uses only OMRI-listed products (from potting soils to fertilizers to fungicides, etc.). We are as "low spray" as possible, especially considering we are testing our own rose seedlings for disease resistance. 
Nate takes great pride in the number of ladybug larvae he finds while walking through the rose field, and can be routinely seen picking up a beneficial insect and guiding it toward its next meal!
With a desire to avoid a monoculture, Nate is also working on incorporating other plants within the rose field by growing fruits and vegetables amongst the roses. He will also be planting various alliums, rosemary, marigolds, thyme, and other plants that draw in beneficial insects and/or repel harmful ones.
The plants grown in the field are watered via drip irrigation with water being pumped from a large pond on-site. This water is tested annually. Plants in the greenhouse are watered from a well.