Shipping Policies

Similar to many other own-root rose nurseries, we ship our roses in quart-sized (5") pots.

We do our best to catch multiple orders from the same customer and manually refund excess shipping charges to ship multiple orders together in the same shipment. This is not automatically done by a computer, it is manually done by Nate. Nate isn't perfect ( 😱 ) and does sometimes miss things ( 😅 ), so to ensure you receive a refund if you place multiple orders, please reach out via email:, with your order numbers. You can also call/text/email your request to add additional roses to your (already placed) order and we can go in and manually add additional roses to an existing order. Thank you!

Please remember that plants are living things. Sometimes they die. Sometimes propagations don't root. Sometimes there are droughts or an unexpectedly late frost. In some cases, specific varieties may not be ready for the requested shipping date. If this is the case, we will proactively reach out to you.

We will discuss the specifics of the delay with you, and offer to:

  1. Delay the shipment until all roses in your order are ready.
  2. Split the order into multiple shipments (in the case of multiple roses ordered with some being ready and some being delayed) at no additional shipping charge.
  3. Offer a refund (on the original payment method).
  4. Offer store credit.
  5. Offer to substitute the delayed rose with a different variety (we will NEVER substitute a rose without prior authorization via writing [i.e. text or email]).